Mahasri Yoga is the vision and belief that the universal, timeless practices of the yoga tradition can benefit people everywhere. By creating physical, emotional, and mental harmony, we create a more peaceful and prosperous environment for everyone.

The practices given here are to make yoga meditation more accessible to everyone. Our intent is to make a difference by providing information and support. On-line, step-by-step practices for breathing, pranayama, and meditation are progressive and easy to download. We know from experience and studies that these practices are significantly helpful in managing pain, stress, trauma, and in healing.

In order to maintain our objective independence, the site does not accept advertising. Nor is it part of any organization, institution, or center. The entire space is devoted to presenting unbiased information. It is aimed at helping readers understand yoga, its purpose, and its relevance to every life, free of any ideology or brand name. Mahasri Yoga does not claim or aspire to be another brand or style of yoga! The information here has been given and taught by gurus for centuries. We respect all gurus of every tradition.

This website would not be possible without the following:

Arjun and Vikram

Their countless hours to the web design, software, on-going site maintenance, and technical support make this website possible.

Pranlal Sunderji Shah and Hiralaxmi Pranlal Shah

Pranlal Sunderji Shah began working as a young teenager to support his parents and siblings. His father, Sunderji Kalidas Shah, was bed-ridden at an early age. With five brothers and one sister, there were many in the family and little income. Along with his older brother, Pranlal had no choice but to work to support his parents and young siblings. He was determined, motivated, and highly driven to lift his family up. Working at A Besse & Co during the day, Pranlal started his own business at night and established Sunderji Kalidas & Sons in Aden, Yemen. As his young brothers finished school, and some college, Pranlal being the father-figure brought them into the business. He never had the opportunity to finish school but he became an extremely well-read, curious. and self-taught man with a brilliant mind. As the years went by the business expanded and thrived in Ethiopia, Mumbai (India), and Rajkot (India). Amongst Gujarati business families, the name Sunderji Kalidas & Sons as well as Pranlal Sunderji Shah commanded great respect. It gave Pranlal tremendous joy when he could move his family from the poor part of Rajkot to a bungalow in an affluent neighborhood. His mother, Dholibai, was driven in the first Mercedes Benz that Rajkot had ever seen.

In his wife, Hiralaxmi, Pranlal found a partner who supported his efforts and commitment to the extended family that lived together for many years. Together, they worked toward transforming not just their own lives but the lives of both their extended families. Some of Hira's simple and flavorful recipes are included in the Recipe section of this website.

Pranlal and Hiralaxmi, along with the entire extended family of Sunderji Kalidas Shah, never forgot their roots. The extended family's philanthropic works have uplifted many lives in Rajkot and Gujarat. All but one of Pranlal's siblings have long passed away but the impact of their efforts continues to significantly help the people of Rajkot. A tribute to them all stands prominently in the lobby of the Cancer Hospital in Rajkot where they are still remembered. This website continues that tradition of making an effort toward positive changes as it also acknowledges and honors Pranlal and Hiralaxmi.

Dady C. Billimoria, Mumbai

Former Swami Buddhananda

Dady has been teaching yoga selflessly, for decades, in South Mumbai. He has never charged anyone. Dady has always been there to provide guidance and support to so many during crisis in their lives.

Swami Buddhananda has been a transformative spiritual mentor for many in their search for inner peace.