As yoga and meditation have grown and extended everywhere, this website will do its best to provide independent, informed, and objective book reviews. There are many excellent private label books that never see the light of day in a mainstream bookstore. As people progress and seek more in-depth and authentic teaching, we will bring a diverse range of authors to this website. These books and authors do not date!

We do not believe in strict pigeon holes and labels and seek teachings from around the world. Different perspectives are extremely helpful to a practitioner. For instance, Buddhist teachings on the breath can help a pranayama practice. Pranayama practices can enhance Buddhist meditations. Both share the philosophy of Samkhya. At a certain point, distinctions do not exist.

Our website is independent, not affiliated with any organization or teacher. Each book is read with thoughtful respect. Considerable amount of time is devoted to an in-depth review. The reviewer has 30 years of experience in practicing and teaching yoga and meditation. The reviewer was a copy editor of Indian manuscripts for Macmillan's Encyclopedia of Religion (editor-in-chief Mircea Eliade) published in 1986.