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Body Awareness (for ages 5-7)
Length: 5:56

Young children (5-7 years old) should not be expected to keep still for more than a few seconds, and only if they are able to spontaneously. They can benefit from Yoga Nidra by becoming aware of their bodies in a fun way.

Young children love to lie down and do this short practice. They learn to listen, follow instructions, and relax. A little goes a long way with this age group. We suggest that you listen to the track first before playing it to your child. It will be fun to play the game with your child. We suggest that you resist the urge to correct the child (unless it is going to hurt itself) or monitor what the child follows or misses. If something is skipped, it does not matter. This is not a test! Do not interrupt the process of relaxation. Never force a child to practice. If the child decides to get up and walk away in the middle, it is fine. Just “play” another day and soon it can become a joyful activity with the child in your life!

There should be no interruptions or disturbances during the practice. It only takes five to seven minutes and this is a time for bonding with your self and the child. Find a clean, comfortable, uncluttered, and cheerful room. Children do not have to know the word “meditation” or the concept, they just have to feel and experience.

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Calming the Storm (for ages 8-adult)
Length: 11:35

When a storm is raging outside, most people do not stand outside getting caught in it. They seek refuge inside until the storm passes. How do we seek refuge from the storms, small of big, in our lives? This short practice is a very effective way to find and rest in our refuge.

The track includes a story and a particular breath that illustrates the story. Together, they show how to move from the storms outside to the stillness of peace inside. It is a simple and effective practice for ages 8 and above. Children under 10 should be guided by an adult who should first become familiar with the practice. We suggest that you hear the entire track first before practicing it. Always keep the breath comfortable and relaxed. Do not over breathe or hold the breath.

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