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Introduction to Pranayama
Length: 6:37

This is a brief introduction to the meaning and significance of pranayama. We believe that it is helpful for our Gujarati visitors to begin from here so they have a full understanding of the practices that follow.

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Instructions for Sitting and Lying Down
Length: 4:06

Before beginning a pranayama practice, we suggest that visitors to the website become familiar and comfortable about the physical position that is most suitable for them. Detailed, simple instructions are given in this track with options for sitting or lying down.

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Stilling the Body and Mind with Breath
Length: 12:36

It is important to first become familiar with the preceding track. This track begins with an introduction to conscious breathing, an essential first step for all pranayamas. Being a witness or sakshi bhav, focus or dharana, are also introduced in this track as they are all key components. Using breath awareness, the mind and body are made still and peaceful. This process is helpful for people suffering from high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, and hyperactivity. It is also helpful in pain management.

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Deepening Body Awareness
Length: 14:15

After establishing a base position and learning to still the body, we deepen body awareness. The process of witnessing the body as a spectator deepens the process of relaxation, and that in turn facilitates more efficient rhythmic breathing. As the breath slows and becomes more rhythmic, the body releases even more tension. By being aware of the different parts of the body, we not only relax those parts, but we also get to know those parts of the body. We learn which areas of the body hold tension and are vulnerable to stress. It can be very useful in releasing tension, breathing more easily, and managing pain.

This practice is best done lying down.

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