Recipes have been as popular as our book reviews and practice tracks. We are sharing what we normally eat and enjoy, a fusion of flavors and cultures that is our vegetarian diet. Trying out different dishes makes a wonderful and welcome change in our home. Many dishes are vegan and gluten free.

Countless women prepare fresh vegetarian meals daily on a frugal budget. Frugal and being on a budget does not equate to a compromise on flavor or nutrition. These women are creative and resourceful in making delightful meals. All that is needed is a simple kitchen with just a few tools. We will share recipes from some of them and welcome yours as well!

The recipes are written for an American kitchen and what is available here. For our international readers, please keep in mind that the measurement for a cup, spoon, teaspoon may be different in other countries. If you are off a bit, it should not matter unless it is baking with precise measurements. Let your nose, tongue, and taste buds guide you.

If there is no time to soak and boil beans from scratch, it is fine to use canned or bottled beans, if available. If you are a student, on a budget of time and money or both, arthritic, visually impaired, it is fine to use jars of pre-chopped garlic, ginger, chilies, bottled lime or lemon juice, and V8 or tomato juice for tomatoes. Fresh ingredients are preferable, but it is best to be realistic and not let these factors prevent you from cooking. We do not have a food processor, but if it makes chopping easier for you, please use it.

Recipes that can be made vegan are marked VG, recipes that can be made gluten-free are marked GF, and low-carb recipes are marked LC.