Do we ever outgrow stories? We relax reading stories, find entertainment and socialization around them, we look at our world and ourselves and try to find meaning through them.

All world cultures are rich in the tradition of stories of metaphors. Jonathan Haidt, the author of The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom, writes: "Human thinking depends on metaphor. We understand new or complex things in relation to things we already know... It is hard to think about the mind, but once you pick a metaphor, it will guide your thinking."

If it is so hard to think of the mind, it is even more challenging to think beyond the mind. Timeless stories are immensely helpful. They can appeal to all generations as they sit together and are perhaps the earliest open-ended learning tool. With multiple layers of meaning, these stories permit each listener to form a personal connection. They evolve and mature with us. The best of them transform the complexity of the abstract to simple wisdom that gently points to a different perception.

Stories here are gathered with this hope of learning and seeing while being entertained.