The Laughing Yogi!

1. Question: What did the sign in the window of the yoga master
searching for a new disciple say?

Answer: Inquire within!

2. When teaching Kapalabhati breathing: If you begin to feel faint or dizzy, stop breathing and relax.

3. Question: Why did the yogi refuse anesthesia when
having his wisdom teeth removed?

Answer: He wanted transcend-dental-medication.

4. Question: How many Iyengar yogis does it take to replace a light bulb?
Answer: Only one ! But, the one will need: a sticky mat, a backless chair, two blocks, five blankets, a bolster, six ropes, two belts, six assorted benches, a bandage, a slant board, two quarter rounds, three weights, one wooden horse, a certificate.

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