Mahasri Yoga:Free to Make a Difference

All content on the website is now free.  We invite everyone to visit. Mahasri Yoga is the vision and belief that the universal, timeless practices of the yoga tradition can benefit people everywhere. By creating physical, emotional, and mental harmony, we create a more peaceful and prosperous environment for everyone.

The practices given here are not all widely taught. Yoga meditation is not within everyone’s reach. In fact, few have knowledge or access to it given the way yoga business models have developed. With existing technology, it is possible to change that. Two or three dedicated people can provide excellent yoga meditation practices to anyone in the world (hospitals, colleges, schools, corporations, families) who has access to a computer and the Internet.

Our intent is to make a difference by providing information and support. On-line, step-by-step practices are progressive and easy to download. We know from experience, as well as studies, that these practices are significantly helpful in managing pain, stress, trauma, and in healing. They are extremely meaningful to people’s lives. We believe they belong to all human beings.

In order to maintain our objective independence, the site does not accept advertising. Nor is it associated with any organization, institution, or center. The entire space is devoted to presenting unbiased information. It is aimed at helping readers understand yoga, its purpose, and its relevance to every life, free of any ideology or brand name.

We want to make a global difference by making available methods and practices for inner peace to everyone.  If you already share our belief, please help spread the word and invite others to visit and use the website frequently. Comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated.

Mahasri Yoga does not claim or aspire to be yet another brand or style of yoga! The information here has been given and taught by gurus for centuries. We respect all gurus (remover of darkness) of every tradition.

2 thoughts on “Mahasri Yoga:Free to Make a Difference

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  1. Meena,

    Thank you for all your work on this wonderful and exciting website. I find all kinds of things to enlighten my mind and spirit. I am impressed with your generosity and hard work.

    Peace, Mary


    1. Mary,

      Thank you for your kind words. Your comment regarding Spring Cleaning is deeply valued and I hope other readers will gain from your gentle wisdom and insights as I do. Jim’s knowledge will be highly valued as well!

      In peace and light,


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