Yoga for Irregular Heart

A  study written up in US News on April 2, 2011 (and Huffington Post) indicates that a combination of asana, pranyama, and some form of meditation may be helpful in reducing the incidence of irregular heart or atrial fibrillation.

For gentle physical movements of asana, readers can refer to Chair yoga is particularly beneficial for seniors. Gentle breathing practices of pranayama to reduce anxiety and help reduce blood pressure are under (click on Download Practice Tracks). The website also has guided meditation tracks for Yoga Nidra and Candle Flame Trataka under (click on Download Yoga Nidra and Meditation tracks).

Everything you need from yoga, as one of many tools, toward heart health is available on the website. Always keep in mind that yoga is never a substitute for medical care.

So many of you have already experienced first-hand the benefits of a balanced yoga practice (that includes asana, pranayama, and meditation) toward lowering blood pressure.

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