Vegetarian Slow Carb Recipes

Tim Ferriss seems to have made the slow-carb diet popular with vegetarians. But many have been wondering about vegetarian recipes for a slow-carb diet thinking that perhaps they are limited. There are so many vegetarian and vegan options for everyone.

To start off, there are several recipes on  Most of the dal (split and often hulled beans which are easier to digest than whole beans), beans, and vegetable recipes are slow-carb. The new additions are  colorful Vegetarian Chilli and Moroccan Vegetables. Indian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern cuisines can work really well for vegetarians. Indian crepes made with yellow gram dal or pureed beans  and dals are good slow-carb “breads.”  We made many variations when our home was gluten-free for a few years.

If you have a favorite recipe to share, please do share it. I know some of you are amazing but shy cooks! The New York Times often has creative recipes and I really enjoy looking at the ones on the BBC website as well as The Guardian at

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