How Much Do You Spend On Yoga And Meditation?

Have you ever added up your costs, including all equipment, special yoga clothes, CDs, and everything the yoga studio sells to you? See what the real cost of yoga can be on this  Bloomberg slide show The Real Cost of Taking Up Yoga.  In Manhattan, people can and may spend over $10,000 a year! Yoga CDs can cost over $30 each, music concerts for kirtans $30, kirtan classes $25, special workshops at resorts over $800, and the list goes on.

I personally do not know of anyone who spends that kind of money but we are all a frugal, minimalist group of people who believe that we don’t need anything more than a mat/blanket, a cushion/pillow, and a clean floor. If we choose to spend a lot of money on it, it happens to be our choice and not a necessity.

Yoga requires our attention more than our money.

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