Spiritual Joy Ride In Brooklyn? And Military Meditation…

This was much fun to read and one wonders if this futuristic ride, The Ascent, will ever be open to the public. Brain Waves Lift Me Higher could be billed as the first spiritual joy ride!

Here is a brief description from the The New York Times article, June 22, 2012, by Ariel Kaminer.

Casey Kelbaugh for The New York Times  (photo credit)

The author, above, levitating on “The Ascent” in Brooklyn.

“Part art installation, part adventure ride, part spiritual journey, ‘The Ascent’ claims to let users harness their brain’s own electrical impulses, measured through EEG readings, to levitate themselves. During its brief stay in New York, it welcomed representatives from cultural organizations like PS 122 and Lincoln Center, event promoters and friends of the team.”

Now to the next bit of factoid.

A State of Military Mind is published in the Pacific Standard, June 18, 2012. It written by Brian Mockenhaupt.

(Photo by Eric Schwabel)

“To train future soldiers, the Department of Defense is using new technologies and centuries-old techniques, like yoga and meditation, to hone their minds, help them make better decisions on the battlefield, and prevent trauma.”

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