Three Recipes Added to Mahasri Yoga

With the coming holidays, our thoughts are turning toward healthful meals with an abundance of flavor and color. The following recipes use fresh herbs for flavorful, savory food.

Dilled Carrot Soup is a vegan, gluten-free soup with a vivid color and full flavor ideal for the cold days. It has very little fat and is rich in beta carotene.

Vegetable and Bean Soup is a meal in a bowl and a one-pot dish. Fresh rosemary makes the soup lightly filling soup fragrant.  This is another vegan and gluten-free recipe that could be considered low carbohydrate if the diet allows some carrots and onions.

Labni is thick, creamy, and cool for the holidays as a dip or to go with falafel. Flavored with dill, walnuts, and garlic it is another gluten-free recipe. This recipe takes about five minutes and can be made ahead.

It has been some time since new content was added to Mahasri Yoga because of the work involved in the meditation CD Being in Flow: Meditations for Peace, Insight, Clarity, and Focus. In the coming weeks, we expect to add book reviews and articles.

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