Sivananda Math, BVMI, Guru Purnima

Source: Wikipedia Nelumbo nucifera

Mahasri Yoga is a collective presence and effort. So many of you have contributed in the effort of giving. As we offer ourselves through self-less giving, this Guru Purnima (July 22) a wire transfer of funds went to Sivananda Math from the sale of the CD Being in Flow: Meditations for Peace, Insight, Clarity, and Focus. Sivananda Math is the charitable trust for Bihar School of Yoga.

Together, we have helped locally toward increasing awareness of the self-less work done by Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative (BVMI) in providing free primary and preventative care to the uninsured. Funds were raised for BVMI on July 16 through the special two-hour session Yoga for Anxiety and Fear.

All these have been shared efforts of the community. We recognize that yoga is not just about our individual selves and it is not just a mat practice. It is also about our communities. We are the threads of the fabric of our families, which collectively form our communities. We are all closely intertwined.

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