Pediatric Cancer Research

Fall Fundraiser for Pediatric Cancer Research

For the months of October and November, profits from the popular guided meditation CD Being in Flow: Meditations for Peace, Insight, Clarity, and Focus will be donated for pediatric cancer research. In this effort, Whole Foods is a valued partner. Most Whole Foods Market stores in New Jersey, and some in Connecticut, carry Being in Flow in the Whole Body section.

Only 4 percent of government funding on cancer goes toward pediatric cancer because more adults are diagnosed than children. This is also true for private funding. However, a closer look reveals the great need for funds for children as well. The average age of a child diagnosed with cancer is 6, for an adult it is 67. So the number of potentially lost life years for a child is 71 years and for an adult 15. The potential years of life lost for a woman diagnosed with breast cancer can be 61 years. (Source: American Childhood Cancer Organization)

In terms of drug development, 60 percent of the funding comes from pharmaceutical companies. However, it is not profitable for these companies to allocate any research and development funds for pediatric cancer drug development. This means that there is great need for private funding.

Mahasri Yoga actively raises awareness and funds for charities. In the summer there was a very successful fundraiser for Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative (provides free health care to the uninsured). The fall focus is pediatric cancer research. Many children in our communities have been affected by cancer and the toll on the families is huge.

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