Science Behind Fasting As An Antidote To Aging

Historically, there is a long religious tradition of periodic reduction of calorie intake. In yoga many practices require a reduction of calories, avoidance of certain foods, or fasting. Research studies on calorie reduction (CR) and intermittent fasting (IF) suggest that there are numerous benefits to these traditions, particularly in reducing oxidative damage and aging of the... Continue Reading →

In Celebration Of Spring, Life, Hope

The aching yearning for Spring makes the birdsong sweetly joyful. It seems like the world rejoices in the song of life with the holy week for billions--Passover, Easter, Holi. The same sun shines over all life without distinction The water flows with no attempt at prejudice The earth holds us all without labels The tree... Continue Reading →

New Year Brings New Digital YI Magazine

Happy New Year to Everyone! Each year we find there is more yoga and meditation content freely available. We begin this year with the first digital issue, Winter 2012,  of Yoga International.  This is an excellent publication from the Himalayan Institute based in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Now anyone with Internet access can read its content. This... Continue Reading →

Dussehra Ritual Stories For Mental Detox

The War of Lanka by Sahibdin. It depicts the monkey army of the protagonist Rama (top left, blue figure) fighting the demon-king of the king of Lanka, Ravana in order to save Rama's kidnapped wife Sita. The painting depicts multiple events in the battle against the three-headed demon general Trisiras, in bottom left--Trisiras is beheaded by the monkey-companion of Rama-–Hanuman. Source: The... Continue Reading →

Adjusting Mind And Body To Fall

Adaptation to seasons, external circumstances, as well as situations is integral to yoga philosophy. As the season changes, this post is a reminder to begin the adaptation phase. Holidays become markers to remind us to clean our house--homes, bodies, minds. Here are some suggestions to start the process. Shatkarma: These are cleansing kriyas or practices.... Continue Reading →

Chair Yoga Safety For Seniors With Falls

A pilot study conducted in New Jersey tested the safety and feasibility of modified chair-yoga on functional outcome among elderly at risk for falls. Eligible participants, over 65, were from an assisted living community. All had a fall in the past six months. The staff identified them as having an increased fear of falling and... Continue Reading →

What Style Of Yoga Do You Teach?

This outstanding, well-thought, and well-crafted post is reprinted with permission from Alison Eastland, a yoga teacher in Australia and the host of Alison's writing on back care was featured on this blog in the popular post Do Yoga Classes Your Back Hurt?. This is the question I get asked most, and the answer is often... Continue Reading →

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