Spring Into New Beginning

  Irises by Vincent van Gogh  Source: Google Images It is that time of the year! Time to renew and refresh the body and mind and reset both. Clearing them both out creates space for the birth of positive, virtuous cycles as we discard negative ones. There are many ways to do this and readers are referred... Continue Reading →

Science Behind Fasting As An Antidote To Aging

Historically, there is a long religious tradition of periodic reduction of calorie intake. In yoga many practices require a reduction of calories, avoidance of certain foods, or fasting. Research studies on calorie reduction (CR) and intermittent fasting (IF) suggest that there are numerous benefits to these traditions, particularly in reducing oxidative damage and aging of the... Continue Reading →

In Celebration Of Spring, Life, Hope

The aching yearning for Spring makes the birdsong sweetly joyful. It seems like the world rejoices in the song of life with the holy week for billions--Passover, Easter, Holi. The same sun shines over all life without distinction The water flows with no attempt at prejudice The earth holds us all without labels The tree... Continue Reading →

Adjusting Mind And Body To Fall

Adaptation to seasons, external circumstances, as well as situations is integral to yoga philosophy. As the season changes, this post is a reminder to begin the adaptation phase. Holidays become markers to remind us to clean our house--homes, bodies, minds. Here are some suggestions to start the process. Shatkarma: These are cleansing kriyas or practices.... Continue Reading →

Balanced Paced Breathing For Calmness

Once the foundation is laid and the body prepared with the practices listed in the previous two posts, the next step is balanced breathing where the breath is comfortably paced. This breath is also called equal inhalation and exhalation and samavritti pranayama. It calms the mind, making it quiet. The breath will gradually become deeper... Continue Reading →

Spring Back Spring Forward

It is that time of the year again! With the emergence of crocuses and daffodils in the West, life renews itself from the dormancy of winter (tamas in yoga and kapha in ayurveda). The joyful colors of Spring abound everywhere as seen in this painted haveli (old-style mansion) from the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. We... Continue Reading →

Fall Cleaning and Sowing Peace

There is a change in the air with cooler temperatures as we anticipate Fall. It is time to begin thinking about Fall clean-up of the mind and body. Fall planting will be here soon. We are gathering seeds to sow peace. We begin with this beautiful clip of universal appeal, The Principle of Emptiness. The seed text is written... Continue Reading →

Colon Cleanse Controversy

According to a recent report regarding colon cleanse on CNN, colon cleanse is not recommended by Dr. Michael Picco (consultant gastroenterologist) of Mayo Clinic or Dr. Ranit Mishori  (family medicine physician at Georgetown University School of Medicine). In a report released this week in the Journal of Family Practice, Dr. Mishori and her colleagues examined 20... Continue Reading →

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