Q&A:How To Practice Surya Namaskar

The results of the study in the previous post are in line with expectations. Studies often raise more questions and the blog has received several questions on how to practice surya namaskar. I hope this answers the questions. 1. How does one define slow versus fast surya namaskar? I don't think that the study in the previous blog post... Continue Reading →

Physiological Effects of Slow and Fast Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar, or sun salutation, is the most popular dynamic sequence of asanas that are coordinated with the breath. There are many variations of surya namaskar. The traditional sequence of 12 movements can be performed slowly or rapidly. In the International Journal of Yoga, India, web publication date September 27, 2011, researchers have published a study of... Continue Reading →

Cautions for Summer Yoga

Here are some reminders for summer yoga: Avoid doing asanas in direct sunlight, except at dawn or dusk. Do not do dynamic sun salutations, especially 12 rounds. It may overheat the body.  Switch to a more passive sequence that allows the body time to settle and rest in each asana for a comfortable amount of... Continue Reading →

Yoga Asanas for Anxiety and Stress

For people who are unrestricted in their movements, the following combination of dynamic and passive may be helpful for anxiety and stress: Asana: surya namaskar (sun salutations), shavasana (corpse), vipareeta karni (inverted pose) or sarvangasana (shoulder stand), shavasana, matsyasana (fish), bhujangasana (cobra), ardha shalabhasana (half locust), shalabhasana (locust), dhanurasana (bow), ardha matsyendra (half spinal twist),... Continue Reading →

Yoga Do’s for Anxiety, Stress, Depression

How can yoga and meditation help with anxiety? Often stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand. Sometimes they join hands with depression. However, everyone who is anxious and stressed does not have to be clinically depressed. Yoga asanas may be very helpful in dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression as shown by the Harvard and Bangalore studies... Continue Reading →

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