Making Peace With Grief: Part 3

What we feed the mind, affects the health of the mind. So it is important to boost ourselves up with people who make us feel good, who bring out the best in us, not drag us down. Indulge in activities are constructive and uplifting. Do things that make you happy, peaceful, content, in a healthy way.

Links To Forgiveness Meditations

Here are three links to online forgiveness meditations: Bhante Gunaratana: Metta Meditation begins with an extensive forgiveness component and training the mind by reconditioning it through the practice of forgiveness. This website is a treasure trove of teachings and meditations. This is a much longer talk interwoven with practice--a live recording from a retreat. Bhante is an... Continue Reading →

Lynne: Misconceptions About Yom Kippur

Lynne's input on Yom Kippur is so welcome! There is a misconception about Yom Kippur, she wrote, in response to the differences cited in the September 23 blog post Universal Fall Cleanse: Forgiveness, Samvatsari, Yom Kippur: My Jewish friends and I have sometimes talked about the similarities (the most important religious time, fasting, intense prayers,... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness As Resolution Of Grief

As I prepare for tomorrow's meditation, here is a link to a very human and fresh meaning of forgiveness which is different from the article in the last post. I recommend that everyone coming to our meditations read this as it applies to all of us. In "What is Forgiveness?", also from the Greater Good... Continue Reading →

What Is Forgiveness?

To answer this question, a good resource is the article "The New Science of Forgiveness" on University of California at Berkeley's Greater Good blog. It may naturally be followed by, What is unforgiveness? As we continue to go deeper into this emotional state in our meditation practice, it can be very helpful to have some... Continue Reading →

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