Yoga For Grief And Despair In The Gita Part 3

What is the cause of grief, despair, and suffering? How does one stop the mind from its constant churning? In Part 3, Swami Niranjan writes how Krishna explains to the despondent Arjun, in the middle of the battlefield, the meaning of karma yoga. "Bhagavad Gita begins with a person in grief and despair who finds it... Continue Reading →

Yoga In The Gita Part 2

In Part 2 of "Yogasadhanas In The Gita", Swami Niranjan writes: "Before one can focus on the awareness of the higher Self, the layers of mind have to be traversed. Just as to reach the bottom of the ocean one has to swim through many, many metres of ocean water, in the same way one... Continue Reading →

Yoga Practices Spelled Out In The Gita

Recently, I had e-mailed "Yogasadhanas In The Gita Part 4" by Swami Niranjanananda of the Bihar School of Yoga to a relatively small circle of yoga friends. This was sent to me by Anahita in Mumbai and circulated by the Satyananda Mumbai Google Group. Well, e-mails came back to me asking for the other three parts... Continue Reading →

Van Gogh Centers On Blade Of Grass

Cincinnati Art Museum “Undergrowth With Two Figures,” from 1890, part of the 45 paintings by van Gogh in a show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. (Source: The New York Times, "In The Eye of His Storms", By Roberta Smith, February 2, 2012. Trataka (steady gaze and focus on an object) is often done on... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Meaning of Diwali Revealed

Some days have deep meanings that are now lost in the frenzy of festivities. Diwali is revealed as the allegory of our lives in this article, Navaratri, October 2004, Yoga Magazine.  Navaratri is commonly the worship of the three goddesses--Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. There is also the connecting story of Durga's nine-day battle and victory over the asura... Continue Reading →

Savor Family Holiday Stories

We never outgrow stories in some form or another! Perhaps the earliest open-ended learning tools, and form of entertainment, they help us understand the allegories of holidays. Good stories engage every generation in the family gathering to find its own level of meaning in the story. The stories grow with us. Holiday stories bring as much emotional warmth... Continue Reading →

Fall Cleaning and Sowing Peace

There is a change in the air with cooler temperatures as we anticipate Fall. It is time to begin thinking about Fall clean-up of the mind and body. Fall planting will be here soon. We are gathering seeds to sow peace. We begin with this beautiful clip of universal appeal, The Principle of Emptiness. The seed text is written... Continue Reading →

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