Breath by Breath

Larry Rosenberg and David Guy, Shambhala Classics Engaging the reader into the depths of meditation is not easy. Breath by Breath is an in-depth look into meditation that succeeds in doing just that. It is a translation and commentary on one of the Buddha’s core teachings, the Anapanasati Sutra. Like all of the Buddha’s teachings,... Continue Reading →

Yoga Nidra At Benson Henry Institute

Yoga Nidra is being taught at the Benson Henry Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital. These are Satyananda-based Yoga Nidras. The hospital is also a center for MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) programs established by Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn. As I am doing the Teaching Company's Mind Body Medicine Guide by Dr. Jason Satterfield at the... Continue Reading →

Breathe Fully CD Now At Whole Foods

The 80-minute guided meditation CD Breathe Fully Live Free: Meditations to Release Anxiety and Fear is now available at Whole Foods Princeton, Ridgewood, and most other Whole Foods stores in New Jersey, lower Connecticut, and Long Island. It is also on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon (see links on Mahasri Yoga). The CD includes some... Continue Reading →

Edgewater NJ Whole Body Features Meditation CD

Being in Flow: Meditations for Peace, Insight, Clarity and Focus, the best-selling CD at Whole Body Ridgewood is now featured at Whole Body Edgewater, NJ. The CD is also available at Whole Body Princeton and several stores in New York and New Jersey. All profits, 100 percent, are donated to charities. Mahasri Yoga supports charities... Continue Reading →

Meditation For Stress-Free Enhanced Learning

"MEDITATION and mindfulness: the words conjure images of yoga retreats and Buddhist monks. But perhaps they should evoke a very different picture: a man in a deerstalker, puffing away at a curved pipe, Mr. Sherlock Holmes himself. The world’s greatest fictional detective is someone who knows the value of concentration.... " is the introduction to... Continue Reading →

Tinnitus And Yoga Nidra

A New York Times article "Living With a Sound You Can't Turn Off' by Jane E. Brody, December 3, 2012 made me think of Deanne and the Satyananda-based Yoga Nidras she has practiced over the years. The constant loud humming in her ears drives Deanne to despair. Loud sounds leave her shaking for days. Deanne... Continue Reading →

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