Fall Cleaning and Sowing Peace

There is a change in the air with cooler temperatures as we anticipate Fall. It is time to begin thinking about Fall clean-up of the mind and body. Fall planting will be here soon. We are gathering seeds to sow peace. We begin with this beautiful clip of universal appeal, The Principle of Emptiness. The seed text is written... Continue Reading →

Yoga for PTSD:War to Peace

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) is not restricted to war veterans. Yoga meditation is proving to be very effective according to the article "War to Peace" in the the latest available online issue of the magazine Australian Yoga Life. It describes how trataka, full yogic breath, ujjayi pranayama, Yoga Nidra, sankalpa (positive affirmation) have helped... Continue Reading →

June Uploads on Mahasri Yoga

Two new pranayama (breathing) audio tracks have been added to http://www.mahasriyoga.com: Samavritti Pranayama (equal inhalation and exhalation) and Deepening Body Awareness in Gujarati. Both breathing practices are calming and clear mental space. In 10-15 minutes of meditative breathing, they make the mind stop racing with thoughts and give a much-needed break from the constant mental... Continue Reading →

Anxiety and Stress: Beyond Asanas

An  asana practice can help deal with the effects of anxiety and stress and improve coping skills. But it is important to look at factors/triggers that cause anxiety and stress in the first place. That means simplifying life; getting rid of wants and focusing on needs; changing stubborn inflexible thinking; and reducing the negative-ego that... Continue Reading →

Yoga Don’ts and Do’s for Depression

Don't do yoga meditation--no trataka, no Yoga Nidra. All meditations, of any kind, must be done under expert supervision. Meditation makes the mind more introverted and it can worsen depression. That is the advise of some traditional yoga gurus. Do asanas, bhastrika, kapalbhati, nadi shodhana, if you can. There are suggested asanas in the previous... Continue Reading →

Yoga Asanas for Anxiety and Stress

For people who are unrestricted in their movements, the following combination of dynamic and passive may be helpful for anxiety and stress: Asana: surya namaskar (sun salutations), shavasana (corpse), vipareeta karni (inverted pose) or sarvangasana (shoulder stand), shavasana, matsyasana (fish), bhujangasana (cobra), ardha shalabhasana (half locust), shalabhasana (locust), dhanurasana (bow), ardha matsyendra (half spinal twist),... Continue Reading →

Yoga Do’s for Anxiety, Stress, Depression

How can yoga and meditation help with anxiety? Often stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand. Sometimes they join hands with depression. However, everyone who is anxious and stressed does not have to be clinically depressed. Yoga asanas may be very helpful in dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression as shown by the Harvard and Bangalore studies... Continue Reading →

Yoga Spring Cleaning:Respiratory System

In yoga, cleansing and flushing out the lungs can be invigorating. There is an experience of lightness, greater energy, and vitality as the body and mind are energized. Yoga respiratory cleaning is a helpful step in flushing out the mind.  People suffering from asthma and allergies have found these yoga practices helpful. However, always consult... Continue Reading →

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