Hira’s Cardamom Bananas

Getting a full noon meal ready, and for picky kids, is not an easy task in India. A little sweet something helped. This chilled recipe is a family favorite and now our family finds itself making this for the next generation of kids! These bananas are the large American-sized ones. If using a smaller one,... Continue Reading →

Cherries and Blueberries

Sweet dark cherries or Rainier cherries pair well with blueberries. Here a little time is required to pit the cherries. It makes a refreshing and healthy ending to a meal, a good breakfast, or snack. It sits well in the fridge for a couple of days. Layer it with yogurt in a mason jar and... Continue Reading →

Suhasini’s Date and Nut Roll

If you like dates and nuts, this is the recipe for you. I truly appreciate Suhasini’s generosity in sharing it with me--it has become a part of our cooking repertoire. Simple ingredients, simple preparation, and it stays well refrigerated for days. It is great for family as well as for entertaining. Rather than buying fruit... Continue Reading →

Seeta’s Orange Walnut Cake

Studded with walnuts and raisins and moistened with an intense fresh-tasting orange syrup, Sita's orange walnut  cake stands by itself, unadorned, bringing home a bygone simplicity that focused on flavors--no one plated and decorated food.

Hira’s Shrikhand

This refreshingly cold, sweet, slightly tangy, saffron and cardamom-infused yogurt is loved in India as shrikhand--a rich, thick, velvety  well-chilled yogurt served in the summer. 5 gluten-free ingredients, 5 minutes, all natural. Protein and calcium rich.

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