Being in Flow

Being in Flow: Meditations for Peace, Insight, Clarity, and Focus is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

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Whole Body Breath (6/9)

Conscious breathing requires some effort initially but after some practice it becomes a natural part of you. Another deeply relaxing practice, whole body breath is simple and effective. There is a gentle expansion and contraction of the whole body When in the grip of very strong emotions, a short and heavy chest breath, pounding heart,... Continue Reading →

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Awakening into Cosmic Existence

When Patanjali Maharshi says that yoga is the settling of the vrittis or the psychoses of the mind, what he means is setting at rest the agitation of the inner components of our psyche, caused by haphazard arrangement, without any proper vision of the reality to which this personality is connected.

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What is Yoga and the Purpose of Yoga?

Does anyone have the right to define the meaning of yoga? Who gives yoga masters the right to make this judgment for anyone when they don't seem to agree themselves?” exclaimed a newly certified yoga teacher attending my class.

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Suhasini’s Date and Nut Roll

If you like dates and nuts, this is the recipe for you. We truly appreciate Suhasini’s generosity in sharing it with us—it has become a part of our cooking repertoire. Simple ingredients, simple preparation, and it stays well refrigerated for days. It is great for family as well as for entertaining. Rather than buy fruit... Continue Reading →

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Chair Sun Salutations

Here we have modified the sequence of 12 positions of sun salutations for those with more limited movement on the chair. The modified sequence retains the fluidity of movement and breath to benefit the whole body. Chair sun salutations are gently invigorating and calm the body. Try them out to feel energized and balanced. In... Continue Reading →

Chair Asana

The following basic routine includes movements of all major joints. The whole routine should take about 15 to 20 minutes. If time is limited, after going through body and breath awareness, pick a few movements that are the most relevant for you. Another suggestion is that one day you do the upper half of the... Continue Reading →

Who Am I? (3/7)

This meditation reveals the perpetual and consequential programming, or the conditioning process, of the mind that began at birth. Think of the body and mind as hardware and software that are constantly growing, and being shaped and formed, by everything the body-mind is exposed to. This body-mind complex absorbs, processes, and stores everything to create... Continue Reading →

Being a Witness (2/7)

In this practice, we will learn to be a witness, a neutral spectator, without actively participating in the physical breathing or mental processes. Simply being, observing, has a significant effect in calming the body, mind, and emotions. You will feel it in this practice. Table of Contents Introduction Being a Witness (in the present moment0... Continue Reading →

Introduction (1/7)

The first four meditations are Yoga Nidras that have been developed in a particular order. Based on the structure of Satyananda Yoga Nidra, each practice has body awareness, body stillness, breath consciousness, and observation of the mental space. The structure goes through the steps of pratyahara (sense withdrawal), dharana (focus), and dhyana (focused concentration or... Continue Reading →

Breath Awareness (5/9)

With this practice we continue the process of deepening awareness of the breath by becoming more sensitive and observant. This can help curb the constant vortex of thoughts. We observe more deeply when the mind is becoming inert and sleepy or going off in tangents. Then through the will power of the witnessing awareness, the... Continue Reading →

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