Happy Circle March 16: Rippling Thought Modifications

Last time we discussed the second of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Yoga is stopping the thought formations or modifications (vritti) in the mind space (chitta). There are residual waves as that is the nature of the mind space—like an ocean or lake. Yoga is the liberation from the push and pull of all the waves, not being... Continue Reading →

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Happy Circle Feb 20: Push and Pull Lake

We are all under the sway of four pairs of opposites: pulled by pleasure, perceived material or mental gain, fame, and praise; and the push away from displeasure, perceived loss, notoriety, and blame. There is constant tension between getting what we want and avoiding what we do not want. This is the root cause for discontent, scattered minds, and the shadow of unhappiness.

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Being in Flow

Being in Flow: Meditations for Peace, Insight, Clarity, and Focus is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

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Up to the Summit (4/7)

A mountain is a universal, spiritual symbol, just like light. It implies many aspects of existence. Temples and churches have mountain or hill-shaped domes and steeples. Sometimes the entire structure is built like a mountain. The visual of an unshakeable mountain, the rock of ages, intuitively signifies stability and security. It is simultaneously the mount... Continue Reading →

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Moola Bandha: The Master Key

The importance of moola bandha should not be underestimated for its perfection leads to a spontaneous realignment of the physical, mental, and psychic bodies. The physical contraction of the perineum has the beneficial effects of: maintaining hormonal balance and stimulating and regulating the nerves that innervate the lower pelvic region, thereby regulating all the internal organs…

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Breath by Breath

Larry Rosenberg and David Guy, Shambhala Classics Engaging the reader into the depths of meditation is not easy. Breath by Breath is an in-depth look into meditation that succeeds in doing just that. It is a translation and commentary on one of the Buddha’s core teachings, the Anapanasati Sutra. Like all of the Buddha’s teachings,... Continue Reading →

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The Book of Life: Daily Meditations with Krishnamurti

I want to tell you something, perhaps the way to find out what is reality—not the way as a system, but how to set about it. And if you can find this for yourself, there will not be one speaker, there will be all of us talking, all of us expressing that reality in our lives where we are….Truth cannot be accumulated.

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Yoga and Psychotherapy

The authors bring a wealth of insight to the holistic fullness of yoga and how it encompasses the whole being in all states. This book is extremely well-thought, well-written, and comprehensive without being overwhelming.

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February 9 Happy Circle: Chariot of Yoga Meditation

Learning to rein in, train the unruly horses, and keeping the chariot on track through all the rough and smooth patches is the process of yoga. The word "yoga" has multiple meanings--it is used as a term to describe the training process, the path, as well as the goal which is a particular state of being.

Happy Circle Jan 23–Chariots and Mountains

Welcome to our circle! We have two analogies today--chariots and mountains. One is active and the other is passive. My purpose is to broaden our perspective on awareness, meditation, yoga, and to cultivate objective curiosity (sakshi bhav/witness). Links to meditation using the allegory of a mountain are posted below. Imagine yourself riding in a glorious... Continue Reading →

Chair Sun Salutations

Here we have modified the sequence of 12 positions of sun salutations for those with more limited movement on the chair. The modified sequence retains the fluidity of movement and breath to benefit the whole body. Chair sun salutations are gently invigorating and calm the body. Try them out to feel energized and balanced. In... Continue Reading →

Chair Asana

The following basic routine includes movements of all major joints. The whole routine should take about 15 to 20 minutes. If time is limited, after going through body and breath awareness, pick a few movements that are the most relevant for you. Another suggestion is that one day you do the upper half of the... Continue Reading →

Lower Body Asana

Before you begin, please read through the directions and make sure you understand the movement. Check with your doctor before starting any new physical movements. When in doubt, ask your doctor! Remember that yoga, even these gentlest of movements, is not a substitute for medical care. Pay attention to the body and if there is... Continue Reading →

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