What is Meditation?

When the mind starts letting go its attachment and identification with thoughts, the grip of conditioning and programming lessens. The coloring decreases. There is less reaction. Like/dislike, pleasant/unpleasant, love/hate reactions are more muted. There is clarity in thinking and there is greater perception.

What is Pranyama?

Developing a simple practice of conscious breathing, we can at least begin to lessen anxiety and stress, increase our breathing capacity and energy level, and begin a process of enduring relaxation. A relaxed mind is sharper, clearer, more focused, stable, and cheerful. Asana increases physical resilience, pranayama begins to increase mental resilience.

What is Asana?

Just as a play, music, dance can be interpreted and performed in many ways, so can asana. Think of the body as hardware and the mind as software. Depending on the type of hardware and the software (programming through genes, culture, geography, family, upbringing, etc.), the way each person relates to an asana is different.

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