Hira’s Cilantro Chutney

Indian chutneys often resemble pestos. It is the same preparation, except that there is no oil or cheese. They are served as accompaniments to meals, as relishes, and are a staple in an Indian kitchen. Packed with vitamin A, the cilantro chutney adds a refreshing punch of flavor. Chutneys are also served with fritters, samosas,... Continue Reading →

Hira’s Cucumber Raita

Nothing can be simpler and cleaner tasting than a cucumber raita. Baby seedless cucumbers (Indian grocery stores call them Indian cucumbers, some stores call them Persian cucumbers) have a more crunchy texture that contrasts well against the creamy, cool yogurt. Low-fat or non-fat yogurt is fine, as is home-made yogurt. However, whole milk yogurt or... Continue Reading →

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