Mary’s Cauliflower Leek Soup

This substantial soup recipe from Mary is a warming comfort food, simply delicious. Mary uses chicken stock (Minor’s) but as we only have vegetarian recipes, we use Rapunzel’s vegan bouillon cubes to make the stock. Use whatever works for you. The onions and leeks combination gives the soup its special flavor. Make sure you discard... Continue Reading →

Agashiye’s Winter Squash Soup

Guests eat fabulously well at the top-rated, vegetarian, roof-top restaurant Agashiye (agashi is Gujarati for terrace) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The restaurant is part of the charming heritage hotel, House of MG. What really hits the spot on a cold, winter night is the steaming, delicate broth of a local pumpkin called koda. The spices are... Continue Reading →

Hira’s Kadhi

With these recipes and stories, readers are welcomed into our kitchens! Like khichdi, kadhi has a long history and many variations. These oral recipes were handed down generation after generation.

Corn Tortilla Soup

Many years ago, before the Internet became a big factor, we saw Wolfgang Puck make tortilla corn soup on a cooking show on TV. Having no recipe, we recreated a soup that we thought was a close vegetarian version. For years now we have been making this version of our soup, inspired by that show.... Continue Reading →

Celery Parsley Soup

For over 30 years now, we have been making soups gluten-free. Roux and cream were far too heavy for our taste. So we used potatoes to thicken our soups. This way we are able to have creamy soups that are low in fat and cholesterol but are full of flavor even though we use no... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower Cheese Soup

If you like Swiss fondue, you will enjoy this soup. It is heavier and more filling than our other soups as it has whole milk and a generous amount of cheese. The creamy, mild cauliflower and the cheese make a good pair. With fresh, crusty bread dunked into the soup, like in fondue, this can... Continue Reading →

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