Yoga and meditation have been integral to Meena Modi for over 30 years. As a T-500 E-500 RYT and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Meena taught yoga in New York and New Jersey. Over the years she has worked with teens, young adults, seniors, homemakers, women in a domestic abuse shelter, doctors, social workers, psychologists, and business executives.  The global yoga website mahasriyoga.com Meena has created provides free access to some of the yoga meditations she has taught. In addition, she has produced three meditation CDs: Yoga Nidra: Conscious Sleep, Being in Flow: Meditations for Peace, Insight, Clarity, Focus, and Breathe Fully Live Free: Meditations to Release Anxiety and Fear.

With a double major in chemistry and oceanography, Meena was a freelance copy editor of the Indian manuscripts for The Encyclopedia of Religion, edited by the late Mircea Eliade, professor of religion at the University of Chicago. Having lived on three continents she has an inclusive, universal, and global approach.

Image credit: Krishna (Spring in Kulu) by Nicholas Roerich.

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  1. Greetings, Is there an email address I can contact you with? I’d like to inquire about reprinting one of your terrific articles. Many thanks, J. Beeson


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