YogaMed is a complement to the website Mahasri Yoga. YogaMed will inform like-minded people on medical research in yoga and meditation, yoga therapy, useful articles and appropriate seasonal information, other yoga and meditation blogs,  helpful tips, and humor.

I am Meena Modi, a yoga meditation instructor and yoga therapist. Through this blog, I can stay in touch more often with close friends from all of my yoga classes over the years. More formal material – online pranayama and meditation tracks, in-depth book reviews, recipes, stories, and articles – will be accessible on my website.

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  1. Hi Meena,

    Thank you so much for doing this website. It seems your knowledge of Yoga can now spread out even further. Your talent for making it accessible is a grace.

    Jim and I appreciate your classes which are making a difference in our lives.

    Many blessings! Mary and Jim


  2. Hello Meena,

    How are you? My name is Arindam. You may not remember me but you were of great help when I first came to United States as a 17 year old student at Ramapo. This was about 12 years ago. I was introduced to you by Leoni and I have been in touch with Mrs. Aruna Narang over the years.

    You introduced me to your family, i remember meeting your sons – Arjun and Vikram and visiting your place. You made me feel at home and fed me. I was so homesick and missed my family – being away for the first time.

    Recently I downloaded your meditation CD and I have greatly enjoyed the learning so far. It is really amazing that you share your knowledge of yoga and meditation and help us experience the awareness within us.

    Thank you very much again for bringing joy and peace to the lives of many.

    Please feel free to contact me via email. I would love to contribute to your efforts in any way I can.


    1. Arindam, it is wonderful to hear from you! I did send you an e-mail that may have crossed this comment and another one after this comment. Hope you received them.


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