Vegan, GF Slow Carb Bean Recipes

As requested, here are some specific recipes for vegetarians and vegans. They also happen to be gluten-free. Slow-carb seems to be an easier diet to follow as it allows unlimited amounts of beans and vegetables. The two are a big part of an Indian/vegan diet and the dishes can be as spicy or bland as one chooses. All the recipes are not Indian. These dishes can be packed for lunch as well and are good in the fridge for 3-4 days. None of them are time-consuming to prepare and they have minimal clean-up afterwards.

Goolloo’s Edamame Stew is a one-pot Parsi dish with spinach and tomatoes–everything in one bowl for a slow-carb meal.

Fava Bean Salad is a quick Middle Eastern style dish, perfect in warm weather. Pinto, kidney, and cannelini beans can also be used.

Kidney Beans in Fennel Sauce gives the option of Italian or Indian flavors.

Vegetarian Chilli is a one-pot meal with Mexican flavors and lots of different textures and colors as it uses different beans and bell peppers. Make it as spicy, or not, as you wish.

Rice and Black Beans is a quick 15-minute dish and the recipe is for canned black beans. You can just cook the beans. The flavors are Mexican but could easily be Indian as well. The two are sometimes the same!

Black Bean, Corn, Tomato Salad may not qualify for slow-carb because of the corn. But on a weekend, it can still be a great summer dish sitting in the fridge for easy nibbling all weekend.

In these recipes many different beans are used so there is a lot of variety: edamame, fava, pinto, kidney, cannelini, and black beans. More recipes are added periodically.

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