Yoga Don’ts and Do’s for Depression

Don’t do yoga meditation–no trataka, no Yoga Nidra. All meditations, of any kind, must be done under expert supervision. Meditation makes the mind more introverted and it can worsen depression. That is the advise of some traditional yoga gurus.

Do asanas, bhastrika, kapalbhati, nadi shodhana, if you can. There are suggested asanas in the previous two blogs.

Don’t read depressing things.

Do read cheerful, upbeat, funny things.

Don’t see depressing things.

Do see beautiful, colorful things and keep a cheerful environment.

Don’t hear depressing things and news. Stay away from negative shows and music.

Do hear positive things and uplifting music.

Don’t hang out with negative people. Keep away from those who pull you down.

Do hang out with positive people who see goodness in you. Cultivate those who bring out the best in you.

What we surround ourselves with does matter as we absorb via mental osmosis what is around us. Through our senses we feed our mind and emotions. So feed the mind wholesome, uplifting material. We mimick and reflect our surroundings to some extent. The don’ts and do’s follow many of the yamas and niyamas.

Do seek medical help!

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