Swami Satyadharma on Pratyahara

This 18-minute clip, Swami Satyadharma on Pratyahara, is highly recommended. Swami Satyadharma, a direct disciple of Swami Satyananda answers a question on pratyahara (sense withdrawal) as part of a yogic studies course in Australia. Her answer goes to the heart of meditation. She is an engaging speaker.

Our Wednesday group will find the message familiar as we had been going over the same theme in practice and theory for many years. Mindfulness associated with Buddhist meditation is the same as dhyana (paying attention) and pratyahara in yoga meditation. They come from the same source of knowledge. There is no meditation without an alert attention, the spectator, the witness, sakshi bhav.

The articles “What is Yoga?” and “What is Meditation?” will help refresh the message for a perhaps better meditation practice. A reminder every now and then can be helpful.

A small difference in point of view with Swami Satyadharma is that we do believe that psychologists and psychotherapy are important and an  essential part of treatment for many people.

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