Calories and Slow Carb Diet for Vegetarians

The New York Times article, Still Counting Calories? Your Weight Loss Plan May Be Outdated, describes the most extensive and detailed long-term analysis on weight gain done by nutrition and public health experts at Harvard University. It is worth reading.

The 120,877 participants included doctors, dentists, nurses, and veterinarians who were followed for 12 to 20 years. The results are illuminating.

This blog has many visitors who come via a search on slow carb vegetarian recipes. Tim Ferriss’ diet appeals to Indians and vegetarians because it allows all the beans, dals, vegetables that one can eat. However, there may be long-term questions about permanently switching to a diet that eliminates entire food groups such as fruit, dairy, and whole grains. Rice and beans/dals make a complete protein. On their own they are incomplete proteins. Dairy and  soy products are important sources of calcium and eliminating them means relying on calcium supplements.

The Harvard study indicates that whole grains, dairy, fruit do not add to weight gain and even caused weight loss. Participants who ate yogurt actually experienced weight loss.

Exercise, sleep, television watching, smoking, and alcohol intake are also important factors in weight gain.

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