Savor Family Holiday Stories

We never outgrow stories in some form or another! Perhaps the earliest open-ended learning tools, and form of entertainment, they help us understand the allegories of holidays. Good stories engage every generation in the family gathering to find its own level of meaning in the story. The stories grow with us.

Holiday stories bring as much emotional warmth and comfort as food. So after a good meal, when every one is feeling mellow, it is wonderful for the whole family to gather around a fire, a rangoli (geometric mandala-like floral decoration), diyas (clay lamps), candles, a tree, a menorah, and tell stories. 

Stories have been a big part of our family. Every Diwali and Christmas we share stories, often the same stories. We all look forward to this ritual and connect to a reassuring timeless past.

For those who are looking for Diwali holiday stories, we suggest the stories included in as starting points: The Blind Men and the Elephant, Prana: The Breath of Life, Samudra Manthan, and more. To read the multiple levels of meanings of these stories, see the link to Some are ultimately allegories of the philosophy of yoga.  These are not just Diwali stories, they can be part of any family and tradition. The Blind Men and the Elephant is popular with children’s librarians.

We hope you and your families will enjoy the stories as much as we do.

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