Updates on Surya Namaskar Practice

I need to clarify that the sequence of 12 movements in surya namaskar is half a round the way we do it. A full round is 24 movements. I will post a chart in a later post when we have our Internet services back after this last storm. For now, I have listed the positions and the names used in Satyananda Yoga as that is my background.

1. Prayer position/pranamasana (normal breath) (heart/anahata chakra)
2. Raised arms/hasta utthanasana (inhale) (throat pit/vishuddhi chakra)
3. Hands-to-feet/pada hastanasana (exhale) (tailbone tip/swadhishthana chakra)
4. Equestrian pose/ashwa sanchalanasana (inhale) (eyebrow center/ajna chakra)
5. Mountain/downward dog/parvatasana (exhale) (throat pit/vishuddhi chakra)
6. Eight point position/ashtangasana (external breath retention) (navel/manipura chakra)
7. Cobra pose/bhujangasana (inhale) (eyebrow center/ajna chakra)
8. Mountain/downward dog/parvatasana (exhale) (throat pit/vishuddhi chakra)

9. Equestrian pose/ashwa sanchalanasana (inhale) (eyebrow center/ajna chakra)

10. Hands-to-feet/pada hastanasana (exhale) (tailbone tip/swadhishthana chakra)

11. Raised arms/hasta utthanasana (inhale) (throat pit/vishuddhi chakra)

12. Prayer position/pranamasana (exhale) (heart/anahata chakra)

It is suggested that beginners start slowly, fully experiencing each position. Become familiar and comfortable with the movements. Then add layers and different dimensions for focus: more movements, breath, chakras, mantras, and so ham along the frontal and spinal passages).

People suffering from scoliosis, sciatica, slipped discs, and other back problems need to consult an experienced yoga therapist as surya namaskar may aggravate the pain.

On the other hand, surya namaskar can be highly therapeutic for weight management, headaches, varicose veins, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, increasing breathing/lung capacity, attention deficit/hyperactivity, and more.

Slow surya namaskars can take six to 60 seconds for each position. Rounds can be gradually added, but supervision is strongly suggested if you intend to practice more than six rounds and/or have health issues.

As mentioned in the previous post, Q&A: How To Practice Surya Namaskar, surya namaskar must be followed by corpse position/shavasasana and preferably a breathing practice.

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