Kathryn’s Avocado Pate Hira’s Cardamom Wheat

Three new recipes have been added to www.mahasriyoga.com.

Kathryn’s Avocado Pate is good for any season. It is everything we want–great tasting, fast, easy, and super elegant. The pate is gluten-free. Kathryn has generously shared this delicately flavored recipe that can proudly hold center stage at any table.

Hira’s Cardamom Cracked Wheat is the Gujarati ormu served on special days. It is a very easy, simple dish to make for a crowd. In India it takes the place of bread in a main meal, but it can be eaten as a dessert. In a traditional Indian meal, dessert is not a separate course and sweet dishes are served alongside savory ones. This ormu is lighter on fat and sugar. It has a delicious nutty flavor.

Split Lentil/Masoor Dal is the last addition. Dals are quick, easy, and an excellent source of protein in a vegetarian and vegan diet. Split lentils cook in 20 minutes. In this low-fat dal (one teaspoon of oil per serving), the lentils are flavored with garlic and ginger. Recipes are highly flexible and so garlic can be easily eliminated if necessary. On hot, summery days, freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice lightens and brightens the flavors. The recipe is vegan, slow carb, and gluten-free.

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