Tales from the Tao: The Wisdom of the Taoist Masters

Solala Towler and John Cleere, Duncan Baird Publishers

“Who can be still while the muddy water settles? Who can be still until the time comes for action? —Lao Tzu”

A story can convey so much more meaning than dry theory. For teenagers in particular, it is much easier to convey a point through a story when I teach meditation. This is of course how teachers have taught through the ages. However, finding suitable material can be a challenge.

The hard-bound, deep red volume holds well in the hand. Heavy stock; glossy paper; beautiful, minimalistic photographs of mountains, waterfalls, plants, valleys, and gorges; captivating stories; all interspersed with Tao sayings, makes this book a joy to read and hold, over and over again. Like the Upanishads, the tales are of everyday, universal human experiences of life, death, priorities, perspective, loss, and gain.

Each time a story is read, slowly, another perspective is revealed. Revelations evolve with time, day, season, and age. Everyone finds their own connection and meaning. It is wonderful book to read together as a family.

Even for those of us who now read mainly online, this black, white, and red book may be worth holding in your hands.

“Use the light to return to the light. Then you can die yet be ever living. —Lao Tzu”

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