Vegan Chikoo Milkshake

Even non-vegans can thoroughly enjoy this refreshing milkshake! Please let me introduce you to chikoo. It is super delicious and satisfying, takes no time to blend, and so much better than traditional milkshakes high in fat/cholesterol, sugar, and calories.

Chikoo is a popular tropical fruit in South and Southeast Asia. As the fruit tree is native to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, the fresh fruit that is sometimes available in Indian stores comes from those areas. In Central/South America it is called sapodilla or sapota. The fruit looks like a kiwi though it has a smooth, not fuzzy, skin. Inside the fruit can be a deep yellow to brown with elongated seeds and sweet, grainy textured interior. We always peel the skin.

It is very popular in ice-creams and milkshakes in India. As we cannot get good fresh chikkos here, we love the frozen ones and they are particularly good in milkshakes. The drink pairs well with tacos, chili, Indian, Asian, Mexican flavors and provides a delicious protein to a vegan diet.

For those who are not familiar with it, it is a different flavor.

Kewra is another flavor very popular in India! It is the distilled essence of the screwpine or pandanus flower. Just like vanilla enhances the flavor of some foods, kewra really enhances the flavor of chikoo. Kewra is also available at South Asian grocery stores.


12 oz frozen chikoo (about 2 cups)

31/2 cups unsweetened plain soy milk

1/3 pint soy coconut/coconut macaroon/vanilla  ice-cream

1/2 teaspoon kewra essence


  1. Thaw the chikko for about an hour at room temperature and soften the ice-cream at room temperature for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Blend everything till smooth and creamy in a blender.

Serve chilled! Keeps for a couple of days in the fridge.

Serves 4 in our home

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