Spring: Clearing Space for Light

The rituals of  Spring hold the same importance in yoga and meditation as they do in all religions. They make space for all the positives to flow in. The dormant gestation of winter ends. The perfect balance of Spring is associated with the birth of the golden egg of light and life, hiranyagarbh.

Spring and Fall equinoxes are when Earth is in a state of balance. Day and night are equal, light and darkness are balanced. Heat and cold are equipoised. It is this state of equilibrium that gives birth to evolution.

For yogis, it is a perfect time to begin a new practice, to renew the commitment to a spiritual growth. We clean our homes, our bodies, our minds, and revitalize our energy levels. Clutter and unnecessary baggage is discarded at all levels to clear space for positive energy to flow in.

2 thoughts on “Spring: Clearing Space for Light

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  1. Thank you for these reflections. They seem so necessary to balance our frenetic lives and all the multiple distractions that tempt us away from our deep center.

    A nice thing about aging is that the task of life at this time is divestiture, a form of major spring cleaning. So this blog is a gentle reminder of our task.


  2. Your thoughtful comment is well appreciated. I love the way you say “that the task of life at this time is divestiture”, which is a sharp contrast to what is often a war against aging. Divestiture, non-attachment, is perhaps the most powerful freedom and a precious gift of aging well with grace.


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