Yoga Spring Cleaning: The Mind

In yoga, cleaning and purifying the mind is the third step in spring cleaning.  Having cleaned and energized the body and breath, the revitalized energy can be directed to the mind more effectively.

Yoga exercise for gentle mental cleansing/purification of the mind beneficial for everyone: trataka (steady gaze) on a candle flame (link to track on Mahasri Yoga).

The word trataka means a steady gaze. The yogic practice withdraws the senses from the external environment to the internal space within. It clears the mental space and uses an external flame to trigger the vision of the internal flame. Trataka is a soothing and comforting yoga meditation. Cancer patients and people with chronic illnesses find strength and peace in it. Trataka is a yoga meditation for focus and concentration.

Yoga meditation for moderate mental cleansing/purification of the mind:Yoga Nidra with chakras and bija mantras (seed sound vibrations).

Yoga meditation for advanced mental cleansing/purification of the mind through chakras and elements: tattwa shuddhi, also known as bhuta shuddhi (purification of the elements) for the very advanced.

The practice of tattwa shuddhi is described in detail in the book Tattwa Shuddhi by Swami Satyasangananda of the Bihar School of Yoga. Some of us have practiced this together over several weeks in the past. The link for bhuta shuddhi is to a CD from The Himalayan Institute. ( The blog and website are independent of all organizations and institutions.)

After cleaning out the body (see the blog post Yoga Spring Cleaning: Digestive System), practice the appropriate pranayama (see the blog post Yoga Spring Cleaning: Respiratory System), and then end with a  meditation.

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