Gluten-Free Vegetarian Soups

Here are some recipes for gluten-free vegetarian soups that offer a diversity of vegetables and flavors.  Everyone can enjoy them!

Cauliflower Cheese Soup: If you like cheese fondue, you will enjoy this soup. It is good without the cheese as well. You can easily make it with broccoli also.

Celery Parsley Soup: We used to make this soup with just celery. Then one day, there was some parsley in the fridge that needed to be used. It ended up in the soup and we really enjoyed it.

Corn Tortilla Soup: This is the most popular soup with our Indian families and friends. The Mexican flavors are close to Indian flavors, yet different.

Curried Squash Soup: A quick easy soup, it is creamy and light with Thai flavors. Just make sure the curried powder is gluten-free.

Gazpacho: During the hot summer months, most of us enjoy a bowl of chilled gazpacho that requires no cooking.

Agashiye’s Winter Squash Soup: This light, subtly flavored soup from the outstanding restaurant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is soothing and comforting.

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