The Restless Mind and Meditation

What is the mind? Are we a manifestation or a projection of the mind? How do we deal with the constant river of thoughts?

The practice of antar mouna (inner silence) helps unlock the mind. In the article Know Thyself in Yoga International, you will find the basis and steps of the practice of inner silence:

“The mind is an energy field. It is the finest manifestation of nature….It has the capacity to create anything it wishes. It has enormous space to store its unlimited experiences and keep them as long as it likes….

Your thoughts are not mere thoughts; they are people—identities within you. You are a world in yourself. You are a universe, and all your thoughts are people. Just as people are born and die, so too, thoughts are born and die.”

It is an interesting and helpful article that is surely worth reading.

For the actual practice of antar mouna, contact or for the CD.

2 thoughts on “The Restless Mind and Meditation

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  1. Antar mouna reminds me of the spiritual tradition of the west, called apophatic theology, in which the Transcendent is not be named. One must enter the silence and stillness to encounter, in a ‘cloud of unknowing’ the unnamed Creator (or Ground of Being). It so refreshing to see the occasional overlapping of the various traditions of meditation.


    1. Mary, I learn so much from you about the Western traditions. I hope that some of my yoga friends who are deeply rooted in both yoga meditation as well as Christianity will read your comments. Please keep posting comments so we can all learn together!


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