Mahasri Yoga Partners With Whole Planet Foundation

Whole Planet Foundation is a private, non-profit organization established by Whole Foods Market. Its mission is poverty alleviation through micro-credit in communities that supply Whole Foods Market. Mahasri Yoga has found a perfect partner in Whole Planet Foundation to make a difference in the poor communities around the world. Yoga as a power of transformation is already having an impact at the individual level.  It can now help transform our communities as well through such a partnership.

Mahasri Yoga embodies the vision that universal, timeless practices of the yoga tradition can benefit people everywhere. It is the belief that internal harmony leads to externally harmonious communities. To that end, Mahasri Yoga provides information, support, and guided step-by-step practices to alleviate anxiety, stress, pain, and to release infinite potential. The website has a global presence (readers come from over 100 countries).

All profits, 100 percent,  from the sale of the CD and the workshops conducted are donated to charity. Some of the selected charities provide assistance to create self-sufficient, economically independent families (others provide education, food, healthcare).  There are no deductions for administrative expenses or time as these are funded privately. Whole Planet Foundation is an excellent fit for Mahasri Yoga.

Purchasing the meditation CD Being in Flow: Meditations for Peace, Insight, Clarity, and Focus makes the statement that our vision and efforts are aligned, as a percentage of  sales of this CD goes to Whole Planet Foundation on an on-going basis.



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