Yoga Nidra: Candle Flame Trataka (6/7)

The word trataka means a steady gaze. The yogic practice withdraws the senses from the external environment to the internal space within. It clears the mental space and uses an external flame to trigger the vision of the internal flame. Trataka is a soothing and comforting yoga meditation. Cancer patients and people with chronic illnesses find strength and peace in it. Trataka is a yoga meditation for focus and concentration as well. If you are not familiar with the practice, please go through the simple instructions below on setting up the space and the candle before you begin.

Get a clear, uncluttered surface ready in a quiet, dark, comfortable room with no drafts. Find a sturdy candle stand and a long tapering candle. Now take a sitting position in front of the candle. Adjust the height so that the flame of the candle is in line with your eyebrow center. The commonly suggested arm-length distance of the flame from the eyebrow center does not work for everyone. Take glasses and contact lenses off and then position the candle where you can see the flame clearly without double images. The flame must be the most prominent object in your field of vision. The flame should be steady and the room dark.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Being a Witness
  3. Who Am “I”?
  4. Up to the Summit
  5. Roles Played
  6. Candle Flame Trataka
  7. Yoga Nidra: With Chakras and Bija Mantras

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